Unilever reported high-than-expected sales in Q2 2016

British-Dutch company Unilever announced fast turnover goods sales growth in the second quarter that slightly exceeded expectations, according to Bloomberg. The manufacturer of a number of personal care products reported gains in sales of deodorants and products for hair care. Revenues grew by 4.7% amid expectations for growth of 4.5%. In the first quarter the increase was also 4.7%, but this time the growth is due to higher product prices, as the volume of sales has slowed compared to the period January – March These sales exclude acquisitions, asset sales and fluctuations in currencies.

“We are preparing for more severe conditions in 2016 and we see no signs of improvement in the global economy”, said CEO Paul Polman in a statement.

By referendum on Britain leaving the EU Unilever’s shares rose by about 10% benefiting from the weaker currency. The company’s sales outside the United Kingdom account for about 90 percent of revenue. Unilever is trying to compensate for the concessions made to retailers by expanding business with online trading. This week the company announced that the US buys startup for cosmetics Dollar Shave Club 1 billion USD. The units sold in the second quarter, growing by 1.8%. Unilever stated that during this period the markets are experiencing slowdown in emerging economies, growth has been slow, and in Europe and North America is observed declines.

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